Autograph Systems Email Services

Instructions on setting up email accounts, configuring your email application to send and receive mail, using web mail, and more.

Using Web Mail

The web mail interface uses IMAP to allow you access to your mailbox from any computer. You can send, retrieve, and organize your mail while storing it all on the mail server.
To log in, you must enter your email address and the password for that account.

Login Page

Configuring Your Email Program

Email can be retrieved by any POP3 or IMAP compliant email program. Configuration of email programs varies widely, so here are samples from some of the more popular Macintosh email programs.

Outgoing email is sent via SMTP, which has significant security weaknesses. Our mail servers Require Secure Authentication using CRAM (MD5 Challenge-Response in Apple’s Mail program). This option goes by other, similar names in other programs. If you can not find it, or can not get it to work, contact us for other options.

Apple Mail

Netscape Communicator & Outlook Express

Claris Emailer

Android devices

Configuring Email Contact Forms on Websites

Publishing your email address on a web page is a sure-fire way to end up with junk mail. Junk mailers use ‘robots’ to scour the internet looking for email addresses to add to their lists.

A popular alternative is to provide contact (or feedback) forms for the visitor to fill out. This gives the visitor an easy way to contact you, it delivers their inquiries directly to your email box, and it prevents junk mailers from harvesting email addresses from your web site.

Setting up HTML forms that send email to you

Web page techniques for avoiding email harvesters

Checking your Form2Email archive

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