This page covers information related to using SSIs and/or CGIs on your web sites.

Notice: This page is intended solely for the use of Sherwood Store customers who wish to provide feedback forms on their web sites. You must be a customer of Autograph Systems to be able to use this service. All other uses are prohibited.
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SSI: Server Side Includes. An web server extention used to include the contents of one file in another. Most commonly used when the same lines of codes are repeated on more than one page within a website, for example to create a standard header of a website that is repeated on every page. This allows the webmaster to later on make small changes to the header without manual editing of every page within the website. (Definition courtesy of Wikipedia.)

CGI: Common Gateway Interface. The standard way a Web server passes user requests to an application for processing. When the CGI is done, it returns data back to the user. Typically used in web forms, web stores, etc.

Using SSI on Autograph Systems' Web Servers

To insert (include) the contents of a file (typically a portion of a web page) into another web page, use this syntax:

<!--#include virtual="/includes/include_me.html"-->

Running CGI Scripts on Autograph Systems' Web Servers

In order to use your own CGI scripts, place them in the cgibin folder of your Sites directory.

CGIs must have the file extension of .cgi or .pl, and must have permissions to be Executable, and Readable by others (or "world") (others should *not* be able to write to your cgi scripts, as that would pose a security risk).

We also provide a cgidata folder. If you can configure your CGI, you should tell it to use /Users/yourname/Sites/cgidata/ to store data in. This folder is protected so that people can not use a web browser to see anything in that folder - protecting your private data.

If for some reason your CGI solution does not allow you to specify a data folder, follow these directions:

  1. Create a .htaccess file in the folder where CGI stores data
  2. The contents of that file should be:

This will keep your private data private. Without this file, your private data is available to anyone who asks for it - with this file, all access is denied.


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