Y2K: Helix Express and the Year 2000 Problem.

Helix Express 4.5 is "Year 2000" compliant, including all time and date codes and related internal concerns. The product will continue to perform without defects or abnormalities at the same level of functionality as would otherwise be provided absent the "Year 2000" change.

However, Helix Express is a database development environment (i.e., a programming language). It is possible to develop an application or database utilizing the Helix Express database development environment that is not "Year 2000" compliant. We suggest that you address your concerns about individual databases or applications to the programmers or developers of those applications.

The current version of Helix Express is 4.5.1. We recommend that you upgrade to this version if you have not already done so.

One point of confusion relates to the 'short date' format used by default by the Mac OS to display dates in a XX/XX/XX format. By default, this format only displays two digits for the year. All other date formats (ex: February 16, 1959) show the century.

Under all circumstances, typing a 4 digit year results in the 4 digits being stored, regardless of the display mode.

Please call 800-364-3549 if you have any questions regarding this matter.

It is possible to modify a Helix Express collection to display the 4 digit year in the short date through a simple internal change Instructions on performing the modification are on a separate page.

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Last modified: September 26, 1998

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