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Other Useful WWW Sites

WWW Sites With Helix Express Information
(and other Helix related products)

The official website of the UK Helix User Group.

Soft Breeze Systems
Soft Breeze produces a number of Helix Express utilities, inclucing Osmosis. Osmosis is a custom gateway interface that dynamically links Helix collections to the World Wide Web. Other files include Helix Voodoo (updated Useful Utilities) and associated modules. We also have WhatKey, Garbage Clean-up and AppleScripts available for downloading.

Osmosis on the Web
A live demonstration of Soft Breeze Systems' Osmosis presenting live Helix data on the internet.

Power Services of NE Inc.
Database products for the Macintosh using Helix Express® since 1987. Also serves as a Helix Express Update Files mirror site.

DataBright Management Systems
Databright Systems is the home of the Helix Database Checker, an indespensible utility that automates the two Helix damage checking utility programs.

Autograph Systems
The Helix developer that hosts this site. Also serves as an update mirror site.

Based on the Frontier scripting work pioneered by Steve Keller, Spiral takes Frontier one more step, providing external access to Helix databases from the web, from other Helix databases, and from virtually any scriptable product.

Spiral on the Web
A live demonstration of Sprial presenting live Helix data on the internet.

Fred Stephenson
Fred has created CallHelix, a Scripting Addition (OSAX) that enables AppleScript to communicate with Helix Express.

Note: the Helix Archive WWW site is back in operation.
Thanks to Luis Muench for bringing it back.

Market Master
Written in Helix Express, Market Master is an extensive leads tracking program.

Other Useful Resources

MacInTouch Home Page
Information and services for productive Macintosh computing

Software compatibility issues tracked on a daily basis.

The ULTIMATE Macintosh
With links to Apple's home pages, hyperlinked Macintosh software archives (including info-mac and UMICH), FAQs, TidBITS, and the best of the Macintosh shareware pages.

EvangeList Do you believe in Macintosh? Learn how to help the cause by subscribing to the "EvangeList" listserver! Send email to: <evangelist at> or go to: <>.

Data Desk is an interactive data analysis and statistics package that is designed to help you to better understand your data. The program is based on the philosophy of Exploratory Data Analysis, emphasizing visual, interactive tools for finding patterns, trends, subgroups and outliers. No other program offers as powerful a set of tightly-linked, interactive exploratory tools.

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