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Software Technologies, Inc. (f/k/a Helix Technologies) Products and Services

Note: All products in the Helix Express 4.5.1 family include AppleEvent External Access (AEEA) at no additional charge.

This pricing is in effect September 23, 1998 through November 12, 1998 and is subject to change without notice.

Helix Express Software

Helix Express 4.5.1 Retail Package, $555.00
Get a complete copy of
Helix Express 4.5.1, full documentation, and Client/Server demo.

Helix Express Multicopy Appletalk License, $249.00
Do you want to use the same copy of Helix in single user mode on the network throughout your office, but you don't want to pay full price for a complete new copy? You can by purchasing a Multicopy site license at a substantial savings.

Helix Express Client/Server Software
Our Client/Server software gives all users in a workgroup full concurrent access to one Helix Express database. The Client/Server technology gives fast multiuser access to a single Helix Express database, supports full referential integrity, record locking, custom menus, password protection and much more. When one users makes a change to the database, all other users can see the change immediately. Start a new Server or add Clients to your existing Server. Per Client pricing is on a per-order basis.

Helix Express Runtime Engine, $125.00
The Runtime Engine provides Custom-Mode access to any Helix Collection. The Runtime Engine will open any Helix database, but it does not include the Helix programming environment. The Runtime Engine is intended for use with pre-programmed Helix databases.

Helix PowerMover, $49.50 per copy
PowerMover requires AEEA.

Helix Express Upgrades

Helix Express 4.5.1 Upgrade, $99.00
The Helix Express Upgrade package includes the Helix Express 4.5 software, a new Quick Reference card, 4 Ready-To-Go Solutions, the Developer Directory, and files for integrating Helix Express with UserLand Frontier

Helix Express 4.5.1 Client/Server Upgrade
Upgrade your old Client/Server software to the latest version.

Helix Express 4.5.1 Multicopy Appletalk Upgrade, $75.00 per copy*
*Pay $99.00 to upgrade your first copy of Helix Express, then pay $75.00 to upgrade each additional copy you own under the Multicopy Appletalk License.

Helix Express 4.5.1 Runtime Engine Upgrade, $25.00 per copy

Helix TimeSavers, Vol. I, $49.95
The TimeSaver collection contains Helix Express structural items which will help you quickly add nice looking color forms and great new functionality to Helix Express collections. There are more than 60 TimeSaver forms in Volume I.

Helix Express Support and Training

Helix Training Manuals
Helix Express training courses are currently on hiatus, but you can get the materials (training manuals and software) which are used in the actual training courses. If you've already attended training, you can get a set for a co-worker or an associate who needs to brush up on their Helix Express skills.

Book: Helix Tips & Techniques Guide, $59.00
This 15 chapter - 245 page book is an organized collection of articles from past issues of the Helix Journal Newsletter and the Helix Developers Group Journal. This resource is a valuable collection of innovative Helix design techniques going back to 1987. Articles have been contributed by Helix professional developers, training staff, programmers and tech support.

Book: Riding the Helix Express, $24.98
Book: Riding the Helix Express helps programmers and nonprogrammers alike use Helix Express to develop complete, sophisticated stand-alone data management applications. You'll learn the fundamentals of database design and how to translate your ideas into Helix Express collections. You'll also be introduced to a wide variety of Helix Express application development techniques, including subforms, posting, sequences, conditional subforms, conditional buttons, Boolean searching and document management.

Helix Express Developer Products

The Helix RunTime Converter and Helix Demo Engine, $75.00 per year

The converter will allow you to convert your Helix Collections into RunTime applications. The Converter also "time limits" applications, allowing the customization and placement of name and corporate information in the startup screen. The application programming mode gets stripped from a collection after the converter is used. The application can them be run with RunTime, Helix Express or Client/Server.

The Demo Engine, which can be used to launch Helix single user or RunTime applications, allows your customers to run your sample collections in limited mode (record limited or time limited). You may distribute the Demo Engines, free of charge, to showcase your applications.

Unlimited Runtime License, $595.00 per year

You can produce, market & distribute unlimited copies of Helix Express-based single user applications by paying a single, low cost annual licensing fee. Comes with an application converter utility which protects the application designer's investment.

Helix Developer Directory Listing, no charge per year
This resource is Software Technologies, Inc. (f/k/a Helix Technologies)' vertical market directory of consultants, developers, and business applications. It includes information regarding the Developer's experience, references, and areas of expertise. It is included with every copy of Helix Express (upgrades and retail packages), and is available online.
The Directory is updated frequently to reflect current Developer changes and new Developers. Additionally, the Developer Directory is the reference Helix Techologies uses when referring customers to third parties for Helix consulting, support or training. Customers are referred according to the developer's location and expertise. Customers receive the names of at least two or three developers. An effort is made to follow a round-robin referral system in order to maintain a "fair" distibution of consulting opportunities.

Organizations listed in the Helix Developer Directory are also considered as primary candidates for any Software Technologies, Inc. (f/k/a Helix Technologies) co-marketing opportunities.

To qualify for the Developer Directory Listing you must own a current version of Helix Express. Annual renewal is required.

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