Helix Express and OS 8.5 Compatibility.

Initial testing with Helix Express 4.5.1 and Mac OS 8.5 has not revealed any compatibility problems. If you plan on installing OS 8.5, please make certain that your disk drivers are compatible with the new OS. A great many problems experienced by end users relate to out of date or corrupted disk drivers. Contact the vendor of your disk formatting software for details on OS 8.5 compatibility.

We had been hoping that the client crash on quit problem would be addressed by Open Transport 2.0.1, but the problem has been demonstrated here in the technical support office, so we know it still exists.

There are a couple of cosmetic problems when using Helix Express under OS 8.5.

The mini-tiles in the abacii window do not draw properly under OS 8.5. Specifically the black holes appear as an inverted caret (^) character. Once you drag the tile into the construction field, it appears normal.

Under OS 8.x the "platinum appearance" causes difficulty in editing user menus. Specifically, you lose one menu item for each divider you insert into the menu. Under OS 8.0 & 8.1, it is possible to disable the platinum appearance for applications via the Appearance control panel, but it appears to be permanent in OS 8.5.

If you discover any other difficulties running Helix Express 4.5.1 under Mac OS 8.5, please contact the technical support department.

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Last modified: October 17, 1998

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