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Helix Express 4.5 Product Information

Powerful database solutions are easy with Helix Express 4.5!

A Professional Information Management System

Using words and icons instead of programming code, Helix Express gives you the ability to easily develop powerful business applications...applications that save you time and money. Whether you're running a company, managing a department, overseeing a project, directing an assocation or supplying professional services, you'll solve your information management problems right away with Helix Express.

Use the system that set the standard in its class. Helix Express will help you manage your...

contacts, schedules, activity planning/tracking, mailing lists, order entry/invoicing, time and billing, accounting, AR/AP, inventory, assets, projects, document versions, workflow, graphics, CD-ROM files, multimedia, document storage, to-do lists, customer info., customer service calls, personal finances, proposals & bids, payroll, keyword based info., personnel files

and much, much more...

Why is Helix Express 4.5 the world's most powerful and easy to use relational database?

Because it's The Database for People Who Don't Think in Code. (tm)

Instead of wearing yourself out with frustrating, hard-to-learn programming language, with Helix Express, you'll enjoy . . .

Easy Graphical Programming Interface

The friendly visual interface helps to get powerful solutions up & running quickly. Helix Express is flexible, so application design can be quickly and easily modified.

Multi-User Capability

As your business grows, you can use the relational capabilites of Helix Express to grow with you. Helix Express is very fast in Multi-user operation due to the innovative Client-Server technology which is built-in to Helix Express.

Ready-To-Go Solutions

Three "pre-pregrammed" solutions you can use right out of the box to get you started:

Document Management Technology

Archive and track documents with Helix Express's revolutionary document management technology. Enter, store and track all types of documents -- including graphics, sounds and movies in database fields!

Other Products and Services

Software Technologies, Inc. (f/k/a Helix Technologies) offers a variety of educational materials, developer products and services, runtime licenses, technical support programs, on-line access (via America On-Line, CompuServe and the Internet), utilities, third party products, consulting and database design referrals, Training courses (Introductory, Intermediate, Advanced, Custom and On-site) as well as developer and user seminars and conferences.

Helix Express 4.5 package contents


Supports all models of Macintosh, Macintosh Plus and greater. AppleShare, MultiFinder, System 7, 32 bit addressing, Publish and Subscribe, Power PC Native.


Apple Macintosh, 2MB of memory, Macintosh compatible hard disk drive, System 6.0.5 or higher. Publish and Subscribe, External Document Storage and Apple Event Externals require System 7.


Fields: Unlimited
Records: Unlimited
Layouts/form designs: Unlimited
Passwords: Unlimited
File Relationships: Unlimited
Icons: Unlimited
Open windows: Unlimited
Indexes: Unlimited
Number of Reports per file: Unlimited
Levels of search criteria: Unlimited
External Document Storage: Unlimited
Searching/sorting: Automatic
Sort levels: 128
Number of files open at once: Unlimited
Copy protection: None
Field length: Up to 32,500 characters per field. BLOB size limited only by size of available storage space.
Data types: Text, Number, Fixed Point Number, Document (BLOB), Picture, Date/Time, Flag, Keyword
Network: All Macintosh compatible networks

Helix's Innovative Database Technology

Did you know that . . .

Helix was one of the FIRST software products developed for the Macintosh?

Helix was the FIRST client/server database for the Mac?

Helix was the FIRST to offer a visual, icon-based database development environment (graphical interface)?

Helix was the FIRST to support Binary Large Objects (BLOBs, documents)?

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