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Helix Express Educational Price List

Product Retail Price Educational
Sales Price
Helix Express 4.5 Retail Product$ 795 $ 250
Educational Instructional Site License Kits


$ 990

Helix Express Instructional Kits available to education users

The Helix Express educational site-license is available for use in classrooms, instructional labs and within departments at higher educational institutions.

Software Technologies, Inc. (f/k/a Helix Technologies) developed this educational pricing in response to the growing demand from educators who have found Helix Express to be an ideal system for the instruction of relational database theory and design. With the Helix Express user-friendly graphical development environment, students, faculty and staff with no prior knowledge of programming or database design can quickly create powerful relational database solutions for single-user or client-server use. In addition, relational database theorists have found Helix to be a close implementation of the established relational data model first developed in 1970 and further refined by mathematician E.F. Codd. E.F. Codd defined how a relational database should behave.

The Helix Express Instructional Site License Kits come with:

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