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Helix Express 4.5

4.5 Features
Faster Client/Server performance

The primary focus of version 4.5, our Client/Server software is up to 88% faster than previous versions (some of our 4.5 customers report areas which are 2-10 times faster than previous versions). Some areas of improvement include the speed with which you can visit, open views (entry views and listing views), post, switch users, and enter data.

Undo Typing support

Correct data entry mistakes faster by using the Undo command. Undo support is now available for numerous operations throughout Helix Express.

Conditional Rectangle Visibility

Provides control over which page a rectangle will appear. Select from visibility on the first page, last page, and/or interior pages.

Now you can build a report where the first page of a three page invoice can contain header information, the second page would not display the header, and the last page (and only the last page) can display a grand total.

Default Buttons

Select one button on your View to act as the default button--pressing the enter key will trigger the sequence within this button. Combined with the conditional button and conditional sequence features, you can control exactly what will happen when the user presses the enter key.

AppleEvent External Access (AEEA) option

Now included at no extra charge, AEEA permits you to use AppleEvents to store, retrieve, and delete data from a Helix Collection.

Frontier Scripting support

Combined with AEEA, UserLand's Frontier scripting environment will allow you to build powerful scripts with which you can store and retrieve data in a Helix Collection, work with other AppleEvent and AppleScript compliant applications, and even build large world wide web sites. Frontier includes well-established links to the Internet via e-mail applications, ftp applications, and world wide web servers. Included with Helix Express 4.5 are a set of Helix-related Frontier scripts to help you get started.

Helix Utility improvements

The Helix Utility has been optimized to perform the Data Damage Check 20% faster than previous versions. The new Utility also includes automatic record fixing to provide even more powerful diagnostic and repair capabilities for your database.

Several Minor features

New location for temporary files--by default, the Recover File and Helix Data file is now located in the invisible Temporary Items folder. Now these files won't be left behind should Helix terminate unexpectedly.

The User command is now available in the Sequence

Enhanced Zoom behavior--the zoom behavior in Helix now functions more like that of the Finder. Windows will zoom to their most natural size and position.

New Client Info Window refresh--if you leave the Client Info window open, it will refresh automatically every three minutes (this default can be changed).

New View By... default behavior--a new Relation will take on the View By mode (View By Icon, View By Text, or View by Kind) of the Collection window.

Helix Express 4.5 Upgrade Pricing

4 Ways to Order:
Include your customer registration number, shipping address, and a check or Visa/Mastercard number.

Shipping and Handling, U.S.A. or Canada
International -- depends on destination and contents of order.
$ 4.95
A.Helix Express 4.5 Upgrade
Includes: Helix Express 4.5 software, Helix Utilities, 4.5 Addendum, Quick Reference Card, Ready-to-Go Solutions, Developer Directory, AppleEvent External Access support, Frontier» scripts
$ 99.00
B.Helix Express Full Documentation
For customers upgrading from products prior to Helix Express 4.0. 4.0 owners do not need to order this item.
$ 25.00
C.Helix Express 4.5 Server Upgrades
For Servers with 1 to 5 Clients$ 99.00/Client
For Servers with 6 to 10 Clients$495.00/Server
For Servers with 11 or more Clients$ 49.50/Client
D.Helix Express 4.5 MultiCopy Upgrade
Upgrade the first copy at $99, the rest for $75/Copy.
$ 75.00/Copy
E.Helix Express 4.5 Runtime Upgrade$ 10.00/Copy
F.Helix Training Manuals and Software
Select for the Introductory, Intermediate, or Advanced Course
$ 85.00/Each
G.Helix Training Manuals and Software
The complete set of three training manuals and software
H.Helix Express MultiCopy License
Run several copies of Helix Express
I.Tips and Techniques Guide
A 15 chapter, 245 page collection of articles from past issues of the Helix Journal newsletter and Helix Developers Group Journal
$ 99.00
J.Helix PowerMover
schedules and automates the dump andload process in a Helix Collection.Uses AppleEvents.
$ 50.00
K.Apple Event External Access (AEEA)
A suite of AppleEvents that let you store, retrieve, and delete data in a Helix Express Collection
L.Helix Express Additional Clients
Purchase a new Server licensed for a number of Clients, or add Clients to an existing Server.
Add 1 to 3 Clients$249.00/Client
Add 4 to 7 Clients$219.00/Client
Add 8 to 11 Clients$187.50/Client
Add 12 or more Clients$168.75/Client
M.Unlimited Runtime License
Includes a non-expiring Runtime Engine and the Helix Collection Converter
N.Runtime Converter and Demo Engine
Includes an expiring Runtime Engine and the Helix Collection Converter
$ 75.00/Year
O.Helix TimeSavers Volume 1
Pre-built templates that you can copy and paste into your own database
$ 49.95

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