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Effective Jan. 1, 1999, development and marketing of Helix became the responsibility of a new company. For future reference, please bookmark their new page at This is the archived site of the former owners of Helix and is maintained solely for historical purposes. Please do not contact us for information regarding Helix.

Helix Express ® is a powerful and easy-to-use relational database development system. Its graphical programming environment accommodates rapid application development and embodies revolutionary client/server and document management technology.

Helix Express 4.5 received a 4 star rating from Macworld magazine.

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News & Notes

October 17, 1998: Mac OS 8.5 was released today. A Helix Express and OS 8.5 compatibility page is now available.

August 18, 1998: Archives of the Helix Discussion List are now available here.

August 13, 1998: The searchable Helix Discussion List, a service of Luis Muench, is back online.

July 1, 1998: A review of Helix Express, written by Peter Milburn, appeared in the April 1998 issue of The Computer Paper, which bills itself as "Canada's largest computer monthly."

May 13, 1998: Updated files needed to use Helix Express with Frontier 5 (along with other Frontier/Helix files) are available on the ftp server.

February 3, 1998: A statement on Helix Express and the year 2000, along with a document on adapting a Helix Express collection to display four digit years in short date format, along with a discussion on editing the upcoming HY2K resource, has been added.

December 1997: The Helix Express Disks, demo keys, and related files are available for downloading.

The Frontier Scripting package, which includes Frontier/Helix glue code and a sample database showing how you can use a Helix Express database to deliver live data to Frontier, ready to be delivered to web pages, is available there as well.

June 25, 1997: Helix Express 4.5.1 maintenance release patches made available in the Helix Express Update Library.

May 5, 1997: Helix Express 4.5 ships.

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