This Domain Is For Sale

After 30 years, Autograph Systems is closing up shop effective January 1, 2021. At that point we will no longer need the or domain names. If you are interested in purchasing one or both, contact us by phone at +1 (570) 662-7718, or by email at

The final home page is found here.

Old Blog Posts Brought Here

It finally happened: I needed a bit of information I had stored in my previous blog. At first, I forgot about that one, and had a slight panic when the post that I knew was here wasn’t here. Then I remembered the old blog and found the pertinent info.

And then I migrated all those old posts over here, even the ones that are mindlessly out of date. I’ve back dated them all, but I’m not exactly sure how WP will handle that. It would be lovely if they would sort out chronologically. If not, I’ll do some fiddling with the database to see if I can make it happen that way.

WordPress and WordFence

I recently came across the WordFence plugin and installed it here. So far, it looks like a winner. What is most enticing about it is the deep discounts they offer for multiple sites. I’m seriously thinking about buying a multi-site license and offering it to my customers as part of the hosting package.