Apple Reseller De-Authorization Notice

We regret to inform you that, effective November 1, 2012, Autograph Systems is no longer an Authorized Apple Reseller. Apple informed us in September of their decision not to renew our contract, and there is no channel for appeal. (Many small resellers were de-authorized at the same time.)

We had seen this coming for a while — since the wild success of the iPad and iPhone, Apple has been raising our annual minimum sales requirement to the point that it is impossible to meet that goal in a small market such as ours. We understand Apple’s decision and, while we do not agree with it, we respect it.

What will Autograph Systems do now and, how will this affect your relationship with us and with Apple?

The easy question to answer is how this change affects your relationship with Apple. The answer is that it will have no effect whatsoever: any Apple hardware purchased through Autograph Systems is still fully warranted by Apple, and any warranty issues will be handled directly by Apple, as was the case for the twelve years we were an Authorized Reseller.

The more difficult question is how this affects your relationship with Autograph Systems. Obviously the main effect is that we are no longer able to offer discounts on Apple hardware. However, the best prices tend to be through, as shown on the right. When you purchase through those links, Amazon gives us a small credit for referring you to them, which enables us to continue to offer free support for simple problems.

Autograph Systems relationship with Apple revolved around two things: 1) the ability to sell hardware and 2) independent support before and after the sale. We are going to continue offering support, but since we will no longer be able to rely on income from computer sales, we will have to begin billing for some of the support time that we previously absorbed as ‘reasonable service’ after the sale. We will do our best to be up front about this before we start the clock on any billable time.

Autograph Systems is going to continue to provide web site hosting, so if your web site is hosted here, there will be no change in that relationship. Likewise, our ability to repair out-of-warranty hardware is unaffected, and we expect to continue providing repair service as long as third-party repair remains a viable option.

Finally, our ability to sell non-Apple branded merchandise — toner, ink, hard disks, memory upgrades, etc. — is unaffected, and we plan on continuing to do so as long as demand warrants. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

In closing, I want to thank you for purchasing from Autograph Systems in the past, and we look forward to continuing to serve you in the future.

Thank you,

Matthew Strange
Autograph Systems

Update: In 2017 we ceased actively selling merchandise, and in 2018 we changed our store hours to “by appointment” — be sure to call for availability.