Yeah, I was in a band

So, back in the 80s I played guitar in a little ‘ministry’ band originally called ‘Alethea’ and then changed to ‘Asylum’ (after I joined and it took a turn toward harder stuff).

To my knowledge, there’s only one existing video of the band,  just four songs  from what turned out to be (as I recall) our last concert, on a sunny day during finals week at Mansfield University. For you viewing amusement, we present, Asylum…

The band (from left to right): Matt Strange (guitar), Greg Peck (bass/vocals), Mark… my mind is a blank- (vocals), Chris Minnik (drums), Steve Harkey (guitar/sax/vocals), Joyce Conant (now Mrs. Steve Harkey) (keys).

Song list: “Well” (Carman Licciardello), “Can You Sleep Tonight?” (Steve Camp) @3:08, “Runaway” (Greg Peck) @7:50, and “To Be Free” (Steve Harkey) @12:15.

Sadly, neither of the tunes I wrote, “Come See the Victims” (Matt Strange) and “Come Back Home” (lyrics: Matt Strange, music: Matt Strange, Greg Peck, Steve Harkey) survive, as far as I know.

The lovely Susan Strange ran the sound board. Steve Casto did the video ‘before a live audience!’

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